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The Patriots Cave
A hub for free-thinkers, anti-NWO activists, preppers, mystics, history buffs, householders, devotees of God, Learned Moms, informed Dads, patriots, animal-lovers, book readers and awesome people everywhere. The Patriots Cave respects all religions except Satanism.
Dokushô Villalba, buddhist zen master
Blog of buddhist zen master Dokushô Villalba. Articles on Zen, Buddhism, Socity, Politic, Economie, Peace. Also activities of Dokushô Villalba around Spain and the world.
Dokushô Villalba, buddhist zen master, Dokushô Villalba, buddhist zen master, Dokushô Villalba, buddhist zen master
My Books of Inspiration and Devotions
My Website is one of inspirational values. Through it you can find Spiritual guidance and books that will help you in your walk of faith. My books are: Fearless Faith, The Sounds of Poetry and Divorced and Remarried.
Vedic Talks
Discussion, links and resources on Hinduism and Indian culture.
Cumberland Mountain Outreach
Cumberland Mountain Outreach, a non-profit organization, is a faith based outreach designed to help families and children in impoverished communities. We provide home repair, food distribution, clothing, and leadership programs to communities and abroad.
Atelier Yoyita classical realism
Renaissance style art Sacred family Madonna and child Atelier Yoyita
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